Interactive Whiteboards

TeamBoard features an exclusive guaranteed-to-clean, low-glare EVS™ presentation surface that is excellent for use with both dry-erase markers and data projectors. There is no specialized equipment, proprietary pens, gadgets, or battery-operated parts.  Most TeamBoard accessories are standard office supplies. A standard shielded network cable connects the TeamBoard to a computer—the wiring can be easily hidden in the wall or ceiling. TeamBoard is more than a powerful technology solution–it can also be used as an outstanding dry-erase whiteboard and an ideal projection surface.  TeamBoard features a 5 year warranty on hardware and a 10 year warranty on the EVS™ surface.

Note: Colours displayed on your monitor's screen may not match actual products *exactly*.
Although every effort has been made to match them within a very small degree of change, some older monitors will not have the colour depth required to match exactly.